Men Win Gold in High School Final

The 2017-2018 rowing season FINALLY came to a close this past weekend with the ERC High School Regatta.

This year has been a struggle with a limited amount of people and only have three girls on the team this year. We didn’t really get to practice in our boat orders as much as we wished and chalked this year up to a learning experience and entered two boats, a men’s eight and a mixed eight.

The mixed eight unfortunately caught a crab (not the yummy kind… it is where your oar gets stuck deep in the water and can not be removed) and could not recover however finished strong with what they could.

HOWEVER, the men’s eight made it the A final and was racing against FX for first and second. The odds were against us as we lost the coin toss and were racing in the outside lane around the bend as well as FX has overall had a stronger season than us as well as FX having won it for the past three years.

Against the odds however, we won it and received first in the men’s category!

Congratulations to the following:

Jack Urusky (Coxswain…who I threw in with only two weeks experience and who did absolutely AMAZING! He was also the only coxswain there who was a high school student, with the rest of the teams opting to have an adult coxswain…)
Julien Vanheukelom
Carson Pflance
Ethan Chamney
Matt Hoglund
Alexander Anderson
Max Garvey
Graeme Innes
Matt Pike

A huge congratulations to all of those who participated in the high school rowing season. See you next year!