REBEL ROWING Program Changes

Please note that REBEL ROWING has decided to operate as an out-of-school club going forward. Due to recent legislation regarding school fees as well as to make it easier to manage the program, transitioning the program to out-of-school made the most sense.

For the time being, the program will be managed and operated as a program of the Edmonton Rowing Club with fees paid directly to them as well as us falling under the insurance of Edmonton Rowing Club & Rowing Canada. While we are not operating as a school program, we will still represent the school in name in competitions.

We are currently in the process of creating a brand new club registered with the Alberta Rowing Association and Rowing Canada. This is exciting as it will be the first high school rowing club in Alberta as well as it gives us new fundraising abilities and room to grow our programs.

The changes being made are mainly administrative and our athletes will see very little change directly. Fees, as usual, will be paid using a system by Rowing Canada, practices will continue to be operated the same way, and the same coaching staff will be running the programs although as volunteers of the Edmonton Rowing Club.




All athletes are required to register immediately through the Rowing Canada Membership System located at This should be done by the parents as a waiver is included.

The total membership fees due are $480. This can be done as one payment or as three separate payments through the Membership System. The first payment is due by November 1, 2017. Instructions can be found at



Previously, the fee for this year was $600 with $120 of the fee going to program costs such as entry fees, equipment, and team functions. As we do not have our own bank account at the moment, this fee will not be charged. Instead, athletes will be in charge of their own entry fees at the time of the event and a letter will be sent out with information. This will be the same for equipment and other operating costs.




We are very excited on the new opportunities that we get to explore moving forward. As essentially the first competitive high school rowing program in Alberta, we are looking forward to growing and creating a program that we hope will create a life-long love for the sport of rowing.



For more information, contact:

Alexander Patton
Rowing Director & Men’s Head Coach